Board Minutes

Metropolitan Chorale Board

July 24 , 2017
7:00 p.m.
Community Foundation Building
3117 Greenhill Cir
Cedar Falls

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM. Board members present: Donna Mallin, Judy Moser, Kent Opheim, Prudy Klinger, Linda Morgan, Sarah Myers, Gary Moser, Pam Wagner, Kristin McDaniel, Brenda Eilers. Absent: Phil Miller, Joanne Hartman, Matt Aronson, Amy Kotsonis.

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was approved by affirmation.

Approval of the Minutes: Prudy moved and Pam seconded to approve the minutes from the May meeting and the notes from the June meeting that did not have enough attendance for a quorum. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Linda has spoken with Joanne after her surgeries and gave us a report on her health. Sarah has bills to present for copies of music for Beer Choir. Kent moved and Gary seconded to accept the Treasurer's Report to file for audit purposes. Motion passed.
Committee Reports  
Marketing: A reciprocal ad has been arranged with Waterloo Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra (wcfso) for the season.
The Marketeing Committee said that the $3000 per concert on the projected budget is much more than they have spent last year, which was $3005 total for the year. This information will be taken under advisement when we discuss the budget later in the meeting.
A press release has been scheduled for the week of 7/31-8/4 to announce the rehearsal start, time, and location. Post cards with the same information will go out the same week to current and recent former members.
Arrangements have been made to include concert information on both the Cedar Falls and Waterloo tourism board calendars.
The KWWL and Courier calendars will have information about starting rehearsal information.
Kristie Conrad had been contacted about ads for KHKE and KUNI. We are negotiating for the same deal we had last season.
Suggestions to the committee are to see about the community calendar on 93.5 The Mix and checking with Waterloo and Cedar Falls Community Playhouses about ads in their programs.

Music: No report.
Finance/Fundraising: No new report. Proceedures were turned in last meeting. A suggestion was made that the Procedures include contact information for the places we apply for grants.

Membership: They are gearing up to contact members about the start of rehearsals. Kristin is still in charge of Facebook. We need to get some other members that can help with the web page. It is mostly labor intensive at the beginning of each term. There was also a discussion about how some of the duties of Membership and Marketing overlap, but we decided they can continue to communicate and work together on such overlap situations.
Concert Arrangements: Prudy will take over reception arrangements from Sarah. Due to the fall concert location of GBPAC, there will be no reception and no concert set up duties. There may be a little set up for the dress rehearsal the Saturday before the concert and no location for that has been determined.
Historian: No report.

Unfinished Business
Introduction of new Board members: Judy Moser will be joining the board as a community member replacing Jo. We need to check the end of Jo's term. Also joining the board is Kent Opheim who will be finishing out Annalea's last year. Prudy Klinger was also introduced with a three year term. She was voted in at the Annual Meeteing. Donna moved and Kristin seconded to accept Judy and Kent as board members. Motion approved.
Election of officers and committee assignments: Officers for the new year are as follows:
Co-presidents Linda Morgan and Donna Mallin 
Vice President Kristin McDaniel
Secretary Brenda Eilers
Treasurer Joanne Hartman

Committee members will remain the same with Prudy joining the Membersip Committee. Kent and Judy will review committee duties and select committes to serve later.

Approval of annual budget: After a discussion about the proposed budget, the Marketing Committee asked to change their projected expense from $3000 per concert to $1700 per concert. There was discussion about the $800 amount per concert for the expenses of sending out fund raising letters which bring in around $2000 for a net of around $1200. The discussion also included the expense of sending out concert post card ads to the same list. Kent moved and Gary seconded that the budget for 2017-2018 be approved with the corrected amount for Marketing of $1700 per concert. Motion passed with all ayes and one nay.
Another discussion was had about Joanne's hopefully temporary limitations on being physically able to sign checks. It was pointed out that if someone else signs even under her supervision, this might negate our liability insurance coverage. Linda does have her signature on file at the bank. Kent moved and Kristin seconded to have Linda appointed Treasurer Pro-tem to handle 1) check writing, 2) cash holding, 3) post office box duties until such time that Joanne is physically able to resume her duties. Joanne will continue to do the bookkeeping involved and Linda will coordinate with her. Motion approved. Linda will contact Joanne to explain the circumstances before the minutes are sent out.
2017-18 Concert Season plans 
November 12 Mozart Requiem
Decide membership fees and ticket prices: Since the budget looks pretty bleak, the finance committee suggested at the last meeting that we raise the dues to help defray regular fixed costs at least for the fall concert. The amount of dues for New Horizons Band was discussed as a comparison and we appear to still be a bargain. Other comments were how this might discourage members to join. To that end any increase needs to be small. We can revisit the issue again for the spring. Kent moved and Prudy seconded to set the fall dues at $50 (Student dues $25) for the fall concert. The motion was approved will all ayes with the exception of one nay.
After a discussion about ticket prices Kent moved and Donna seconded to set the ticket prices for the fall concert at $15. Motion passed.

Decide location and date of retreat: The retreat will be the Saturday after Labor Day, September 9. We need to recheck with Nazareth Lutheran to make sure they have us on the schedule. Budget already includes paying them the extra $150 they want for rental for the retreat. Cost is higher possibly due to the fact we may be using kitchen facilities for food prep and serving. Matt and Brenda will get snacks and Amy will provide ice breakers as last year.

Discuss Bel Canto collaboration decision: Amy has finalized details with Bel Canto. They have agreed to participate as our guests for equal billing. Both groups will do a small set on their own. Bel Canto understands that we are already over budget for the concert so do not expect any remuneration. This can be revisited if we actually do make a profit. They will contribute financially toward marketing and promotion of the concert. They understand that their members will not have to pay any dues to the Chorale and what they pay to their own organization is their preogative.

Approve Contract language for artistic Director and Accompanist: Kristin emailed the contracts while we were at the meeting.

Goals for the coming year: 1) Form an ad hoc committee to revise the contracts for Artistic Director and Accompanist as well as setting up prodedures for evaluations. 
2) Review and identify the culture of the Metropolitan Chorale
3) Discuss concrete ideas for increasing membership and raising

Next meeting date: August 28, 5:45 pm Nazareth Lutheran Church, CF  

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