Here are some YouTube videos to help you practice!
(If you are having any difficulty getting the videos to load, you can click the link below each to open in a new page.)

Individual Practice Parts:

Rejoice in the Lamb:

"To Break Earth’s Sleep" Text

If you have been wondering about the text for the commissioned work, it is taken from two poems by the WWI poet Wilfred Owens: "1914" and "Futility."

Wikipedia has pages for both poems:

Here is a link to the Wilfred Owen Association's critique of "1914:"
"To Break Earth’s Sleep" Rehearsal Recording

Below is a recording from Tuesday's rehearsal. It is not perfect, and you will hear errors, but it gives you a great idea of what the piece sounds like, how much the symphonic band helps you, and when you're more exposed. It will also help immensely to hear the tempo. 

1. Listen to the recording several times to get it into your ear.
2. Listen to the recording while following your part, but not singing.
3. Practice speaking your text in the fast section slowly and in rhythm. Do this a few times until it feels comfortable. Then slowly speed it up.  
4. If you're able to play your part on a piano, play it slowly and in rhythm singing along. Then slowly speed it up.
5. Finally, practice singing along to the recording.

Rehearsal Recording of "To Break Earth's Sleep"

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Alice Parker on a Life Lived in Song
Did you miss Alice Parker's plenary session at our 2015 Conference? This video of her conversation with the NEA's Ann Meier Baker captures Parker's insights into the value of choral music.
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